About Tied Notes

As a child, I grew up hearing my mother every morning play her piano and sing. I’d listen and watch her spend hours talking and caring for friends, and I’d patiently wait for her as she tediously crafted letters to loved ones. Growing up in that environment, I learned that people’s hearts are tied to moments, songs, and words.
As a child, I loved drawing pictures to give to teachers, friends, and family. I saw the smile on their face and I felt the joy that overflowed from their heart. I embraced the artistic talent God gave me and have worked years to develop, share, and steward it well.
Throughout my journey, I find myself drawn to people who desire to be seen, have their stories heard, and feel a meaningful connection. It brings me great joy to create images that speak to the heart, paint words that are often difficult to express, and add little details that personalize a clients story .
My passion is to use my art to help you connect with and remember life’s special moments. Whether your loved ones are near or far, rejoicing in a moment of celebration, embracing a moment of reflective sorrow, or need a “just because” to illuminate a smile, let my art tie your two hearts together in a way that resonates through eternity. This is my heart behind Tied Notes Designs.